CNC controlled robotics for digital transformation

We are offering the world’s first robot/machining and assembly cells for your production facility that can be interpolated by 2 additional axes. Benefit from the accuracy and simplicity of a traditional machine control system for your complex machining tasks.

Welding, processing, deburring, assembling, adhesive bonding, cleaning, 3D printing, processing wood, stone and ceramic, as well as waterjet cutting can be easily integrated even with batch size 1.

Our machines have fully passed the CE conformity assessment.

We have placed our focus on filtering out what is absolutely necessary, guaranteeing the greatest possible security and reducing the associated costs to a minimum.

Documents listing all applicable directives and standards are available to download in the password-protected customer area.

Detailed information is available under the heading: Digital transformation and CAM programming.

Select the suitable machine type for your individual application purpose:

mit Wendetisch / bbs robotic
Standard robot cell with reversing table
 Standard-Roboterzelle mit
1 Drehtisch / bbs robotic
Standard robot cell with 1 turntable
 Standard- Roboterzelle mit
2 Drehtischen / bbs robotic
Standard robot cell with 2 turntables
 Standard- Roboterzelle mit
 2 Bearbeitungszellen / bbs robotic
Standard robot cell with 2 processing cells

Inselfertigung Roboterportalachsen / bbs robotic
Cellular manufacturing with robot gantry axis
Linienfertigung mit Portalroboter / bbs robotic
Production lines with gantry robots

Fertigung mit Roboterbodenachsen / bbs robotic
Production with robot floor axis 
Individuell aufgebaute Fertigung / bbs robotic
Customised production set-up

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