The digital transformation

We develop current technologies into something new: 

digitale Transformation. bbs robotic / Grafik der einzelnen Komponenten.

the digitale transformation

Current technologies are re-configured and further developed to meet the customer’s changing needs. We involve the customer and their data from the beginning of the development process. The customer is actively involved all the way through the development process, from the very beginning to the end of product development and to production maturity.

We have a completely new way of solving known robotics problems. A “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) is provided, which means a fully comprehensive basic version.

By means of programming in a proven machine language (G-Code), we bring robotics to a new, easy-to-use level.

Based on feedback from the customer, we develop an individualised version that incorporates all of the special requirements.

Overview of the programming steps

Our digital transformation solution

The necessity to learn a programming language for each individual robot type at great expense is now finally a thing of the past. When customers opt for this manufacturing system, they will be able to deploy existing expert personnel productively within the shortest possible time.

  • Teaching is no longer necessary
  • High-precision machining with robotics is enabled
  • Robot movements with highly accurate trajectory planning
  • Fast implementation of customer products/production of parts
  • Guaranteed maximum flexibility in production
  • End-to-end programming in the customer system
  • Digital service integration with market-known tools
  • Simple integration of existing expert personnel
  • Modular concept
  • Our base-mounted production cells fit on standard trucks
  • Commissioning within just a few days

Our production systems are linked and equipped by:

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