CNC welding, interpolated 

In today’s world of mass production, it is not possible to avoid robotic automation in welding processes.

To this end, bbs-robotic GmbH now offers robot welding systems that are even economical for small batch production and lot size 1.

Our new concept and our competent partner make this possible. Merkle welding technology offers everything needed for demanding welding tasks, from high-performance power sources to high-precision welding torches, wire feeders and network-based peripherals.

The robot cell is available in various versions. The standard version has 2 processing cabins. The turntables are optional. The high-speed doors have an integrated safety light barrier.

We presented probably the most difficult task for robot-guided welding processes at the exclusive in-house exhibition of Merkle GmbH in Meckenbeuren.

Visitors were fascinated to see how the V-seam was welded in the work envelope by a rotating arm using the inter-pulse welding process with mixed gas (82% argon / 18% carbon dioxide) and a welding wire G4 Si1 (01mm).

With our bbs-16-1-T-Z3 robot welding cell, we showed international experts how this task could be programmed externally in just a few minutes and made available on the system as a welding program within seconds.

This, the world’s first automated CNC welding robot with highly accurate trajectory planning of a processing machine will also amaze you.

Whether MIG/MAG and PulseARC, TIG (WIG) or plasma, our system solutions enable a leap in your productivity for basically any process.

Video: bbs-robotic CNC welding machine

Technical data:

Robot typeCNC robot with 16 kg payload
Reach3.1 m
Length X (mm)4500 mm
Width Y (mm)2350 mm
Height Z (mm)4250 mm
Work envelopes2
Payload turntable 1500 kg
Payload turntable 2500 kg
Workpiece size1200 mm*1200 mm*1200 mm
High-speed doors with inspection windows and integrated light barriers2
Welding sourceMerkle High Pulse 550 RS 53907
Welding torch with cable package and torch cleaning systemMerkle ROB 505/355W with crash protection
Wire feederMerkle ROBDV-32
Type of gasCarbon dioxide/argon
Extraction system and pipeworkMerkle
bbs robotic - technische Zeichnung. CNC Schweißen

CNC Schweißen. Schweißen MIG MAG WIG. Roboterschweißanlage
CNC Schweißen. Schweißen MIG MAG WIG. Roboterschweißanlage
CNC Schweißen. Schweißen MIG MAG WIG. Roboterschweißanlage

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