CNC waterjet cutting, interpolated 

bbs-robotic waterjet cutting systems:

Our systems can be integrated directly in your company’s intranet. Order management (the operating order / waybill for parts / the equipment) and the NC programme created in the CAM system are transmitted digitally to the robot.

Using RFID chips and barcode readers, the programs are automatically loaded and checked for plausibility.

Complex teaching processes and wrong programs are thus a thing of the past. The machine operator only has to ensure the system is properly fed with the components and to carry out the visual and quality inspection of the components.

In the first project at Maucher GmbH & Co.KG, we were able to save 30% cycle time compared to a 5-axis machine without much effort and with the same quality.

The component programming takes place in parallel with the actual machining in the CAM system. Thus, quick component changes, up to batch size 1, can be realised cost-effectively. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

Our machine equipment:

Our machines can be programmed using conventional CAM systems. As not every company has these systems, we can supply a cost-effective and easy-to-learn CAM system on request.

Training courses are carried out at our premises. The tried and tested G code is used for programming. Employees who are familiar with this code are capable of programming the systems within a few hours.

Our partner KMT has been a pioneer in waterjet cutting technology and generating high pressure since 1971. Over 25 own sales offices worldwide. Global service network provides customer service in local language. KMT is one of the few suppliers on the market that can master pressures of up to 6,200 bar reliably and safely. This means the fastest cutting speeds can be achieved at reduced part costs. Several thousand ultra-high pressure pumps from KMT are in daily service worldwide, both in single and multi-shift operations. KMT customers enjoy 24/7 hotline service. KMT’s high-pressure STREAMLINE pumps are available on all 5 continents of the world.

Quote from the KMT Group on bbs-robotic:

Our close cooperation with bbs-robotic ensures the cutting machine is professionally looked after. KMT’s experts look after the customer directly with regard to high-pressure technology, the heart of every waterjet cutting system. Thus ensuring maximum availability of the system.

Pure water cutting:

The workpiece is cut through by a jet of pure water. Pure water is mainly used to process soft but also tough materials. These include plastic films, textiles, elastomers, thermoplastics, paper, fibres, foams, insulating materials and foodstuffs.

A jet with 4000 bar pressure, for example, can cut textiles of up to 30 mm thickness. Pure water cutting is environmentally friendly. There are no shavings, grinding dust, toxic gases or air pollution. Cooling lubricants are not necessary and the water used can be recycled.

The jet used for pure water cutting has a very small diameter and does not tend to form unwanted droplets. The best result can be achieved with thinner materials.

Abrasive cutting:

In order for a pure water jet to be turned into an abrasive water jet, an abrasive agent is added to the cutting head in an additional mixing chamber. Abrasive cutting is used for hard or thick workpieces. Garnet or olive sand is usually used as an abrasive, sometimes also corundum for softer materials. This makes it possible to cut stone, bulletproof glass, ceramics, graphite, wood, marble and all metals. This process is actually the only way to cut laminates consisting of materials with different melting points. It is possible to machine steel that has a thickness of up to 50 mm or other metals with up to 120 mm. Due to the high jet velocity, a vacuum is created in the cutting head, which sucks abrasive into the mixing chamber and mixes it with the water. The mixture is pressed through the abrasive nozzle and accelerated. The jet diameter is about 0.2 mm larger than for pure water cutting. In return, the cutting capacity increases with the hardness of the abrasive used. 

 Video: bbs-robotic-waterjet cutting

 Technical data:

Standard cellbbs-16-1-D2-Z1
Robot type2x CNC robot with 16 kg payload
Reach3.1 m each
High pressure unit for 2 water jet headsKMT Streamline
Water jet piping especially for roboticsMaucher GmbH up to 6000bar
Work envelopes3
Payload turntable500 kg
Payload reversing device500 kg
Workpiece sizedepending on cell type
High-speed doors with inspection windows and integrated light barriers3
Mains connection rating65 A fuse
Wasserstrahlschneiden, technische Zeichnung bbs robotic

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