CNC controlled assembly with adhesive hook-and-loop tape, interpolated

Our standard cell bbs-16-1-W-Z1 serves as the basis for this machining task.

Our client, Maucher GmbH & Co.KG, is in charge of fitting a wide variety of vehicle interior parts with 3M hook-and-loop tape, so that these can then be installed in the vehicle in the simplest possible way.

Nowadays, this new method of fitting vehicle interior parts is often used as the adhesive used in combination with hook-and-loop tape can perfectly adjust to temperature differences. Furthermore, there is no acoustic bridge between the vehicle body and the interior, vibrations are therefore optimally absorbed.

The individual processing steps are as follows:

  • Heat up glue granules
  • Convey liquid glue
  • Unroll hook-and-loop tape
  • Feed hook-and-loop tape
  • Apply glue
  • Attach hook-and-loop tape
  • Cut hook-and-loop tape to variable lengths
  • Apply pre-defined pressure to affix hook-and-loop tape

Video: Adhesive hook-and-loop tape assembly of interior trims in VW Crafter

Technical data:

Robot typeCNC robot with 16 kg payload base-mounted
Reach3.1 m
Length X (mm)4500 mm
Width Y (mm)2350 mm
Height Z (mm) incl. robot4250 mm
Work envelopes1
Payload reversing device500 kg
Workpiece size2700 mm*1200 mm*1200 mm
High-speed doors with inspection windows and integrated light barriers1
Mains connection ratingdepending on the model
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