CNC robot cell with interpolated reversing table

Individual production cells for a wide range of machining processesMobile barcode reader for programme management
Freely positionable, no bolting to the floor of the production facilityDevice coding via RFID
Control: Sinumerik 840dsl NCU720 PLC317-3PN/DPComponent query via IO link
Operation: Keypad and 19” monitor in switch cabinet CAM system incl. training
HT8 operating panel with 10m cableCollision protection detection axis 6 and fast entry
Robot can be moved freely on the base frameAnalogue or digital radio probe
Servo-reversing table path-accurate interpolated Quick-change system
Noise reduction as per DIN 45635 variable cell wall designFill level sensor in base frame
Solid water-tight and oil-tight base frame to which up to 2 robots can be dockedAdditional robot on solid base frame
Exchangeable wall segments Servo turntable path-accurate interpolated
Easy positioning thanks to integrated fork slotsMovable positioner
Compact design can be transported on normal trucksProduction cell with ceiling
Integrated roller shutter with end position sensor, light barrier and inspection windowExtraction system / centrifugal separator
Sidelong LED light strips indicating the technical status of the production cellWall elements with window
Safety engineering dual channel in PLd throughout Video surveillance for the production process
Virtual monitoring of work envelope and safeguarded zone Augmented Reality commissioning-maintenance-service
Cell floor with floor gratesAdditional robot calibration with 80 parameters
Connection to corporate network/Ethernet connectionRemote maintenance via VPN

Technical data:

Description bbs-16-1-W-Z2
Robot typeCNC robot with 16 kg payload base-mounted
Reach3.1 m
Length X (mm) 4500 mm
Width Y (mm) 2350 mm
Height Z (mm) incl. robot4250 mm
Work envelopes1
Payload reversing device500 kg
Workpiece size2700 mm*1200 mm*1200 mm
High-speed doors with inspection windows and integrated light barriers1
Mains connection ratingdepending on the model

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