The CAM-Programming

CAM Programmierung, CAD, genaueste Bearbeitung, Bahntreu Bearbeitung, Banhgenauigkeit, Postprozessor, Industrie 4.0 und Offline Programmierung
Illustration shows a digital twin of our standard cells

For us, digital transformation means using CAM programming to revolutionize the precision of robotics while at the same time making it extremely easy to use these tools

Our product line, in which the software package Visual Components from DUALIS plays a key role, enables traditional robots to leave the handling areas, open up their potential to participate in the huge processing field.

We tackle manufacturing processes that were previously impossible in this form and at this level of precision.

We offer the simplest integration solution for all popular CAD formats.

We have already integrated additional CAM systems in order to offer our customers the highest level of flexibility. These include probably the most widely used Siemens NX-CAM system as well as solutions from TEBIS.

A digital twin is supplied free of charge with each robot cell (offline programming/post processor).

We rely on augmented reality in the areas of safety, maintenance, and error diagnostics.

We have also been able to use Visual Components in a completely new way here.

Ensuring the safety of our products is our top priority. Our products meet the requirements for performance level D, and they consistently comply with the wide range of relevant guidelines and standards.

Visual Components helps us and our customers save on development times and costs. .

As a special service, we can conduct trainings at our premises that are tailored to your needs. Try out live what you just designed in Visual Components minutes before.

Our production systems are linked and equipped by:

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