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Industry 4.0 and our philosophy

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Industry 4.0

A large proportion of the millions of industrial robots installed worldwide are still used for automated handling of components and tools. Due to their flexibility and cost-effective kinematic structures, however, there is also great potential to be had from using robots for machining tasks.

Necessary goal: To utilise the existing capabilities without increasing the complexity of robot systems by adding special equipment. Furthermore, a widely used programming language “G-Code” is used in connection with a CNC control.

Increasing demand for customer-specific solutions. Versatility and flexibility, but also standardisation and modularisation (“modular competence”) are becoming increasingly important. Shifting demand to growth markets outside Europe (emerging markets, USA): Internationalisation, local manufacturing and localisation of further functions up to development activities. Competitive pressure from companies, particularly from China and the Far East, is growing above all in the mid-market and technology segment. Furthermore, the relevance of the service business in internationalised markets is increasing.

Digitisation and the way traditional mechanical engineering is merging with information technologies (Industry 4.0), innovative control systems with the aspects of networking, remote diagnosis, error detection up to the level of field devices (e.g. sensors, actuators are the first that need to be updated).

The new bbs-robotic machine generation offers you the creative platform for the personal success of your company. We create manufacturing possibilities in the smallest of space. A real added value for large companies, but also the possibility for small entrepreneurs to use robots sensibly and profitably.

From experience, we know about how smaller companies are afraid to get involved in robotics. The fear of not being able to provide suitable personnel for what has been to date a highly complex type of production.

Browse through our website and let the simplicity of our systems convince you.

Find out how quickly your employees will be able to use our machines to produce products of the highest quality that you may not even be able to imagine right now.

Contact us, we will help you to find the best possible solution for your machining task.

bbs robotic für Nutzfahrzeuge, Automobil, Automotive, Aerospace, Flugzeug - Industrie, Bahn, Wagonhersteller und Turbinenschaufeln

Company philosophy and goals

bbs-robotic GmbH was newly founded in 2019 and is a product of 25 years of experience in the field of comprehensive production automation at the highest level. The core competence was in the field of robotics, where projects were realised that peaked in the high double-digit million euro range. Since then, several hundred different industrial robots have been performing their complex tasks in a wide range of applications with the highest system availability.

While other countries are already profitably using the huge potential of Industry 4.0 as a matter of course and driving forward the digital transformation, German entrepreneurs are happy to have a stable four-minute telephone connection while driving to a meeting. Nevertheless, we are addressing the digital transformation. Our products are the result of accumulated knowledge and the experiences from the past. In our understanding, digital transformation means increasing the precision of robots while reducing their complexity. Our product range enables traditional robots to leave the handling areas and open up to the huge field of processing. 

Let us show you how we have extended the six joint, open kinematic chain of the robots by adding 2 more.

We tackle manufacturing processes that were previously impossible in this form and at this level of precision. For us, however, digital transformation also means simplicity. Your specialist employees (the traditional machine operator/CNC programmer) can be deployed on our products within a few hours.

The uncompromising connection to the CAM environment makes it possible to perform machining processes within a radius of 3.1 metres Of course, our robots work with highly accurate trajectory planning. Inaccurate PTP (Point TO Point) movements are completely avoided.

In the area of safety, maintenance and error diagnostics, we rely on augmented reality.

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